Try this 10+ Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

In everyday life there are so many small activities that we do. Not infrequently those small activities were enough to help us to be more productive. But sometimes there are some things that actually make it difficult for us to do that.

Now here is a collection of small tricks that you can try to help you to do your activities more easily. Here’s an amazing list of 10+ life hacks that will drive you how to fast dry your clothes, make your shoes waterproof, amplify your phone’s speakers, and much more!

1. Open a SIM card using paperclip

Open a SIM card using paperclip
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Are you do not have simcard ejector? Then you can try this useful hack using paperclip to open your simcard. Push the little paperclip you bent earlier into the small pin hole opening in the SIM tray.

2. Wooden spoon trick

Wooden spoon trick
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Do you like to cook? You must have experienced the boiling over. For that you have to try small tricks to boiling over. This a little simple trick is never fails.

To stay your pot from boiling over, put a wooden spoon over the top of it. If it begins to boil up too high, the spoon could pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing quickly.

3. Open a stuck lid

Open a stuck lid
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You’ve may be heard many ways to open a stubborn jar lid. One of the most popular and effective methods is to cut off the lid using duct tape.

So this is the following things that you can do if you don’t have duct tape on hand. Try running hot water over the lid for a minute or two, wipe down, and then open. You can as well immerse the lid in hot water to get a alike effect.

4. Citrus candles

Citrus candles

Do you wish your house to smelling good for hours? So you can try to make this orange or a lemon candle, and its light and scent could last a long time. Discover how to do it here.

5. Fresh breath

Fresh breath
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If you leave home and do not remember to brush your teeth or you ran out of toothpaste, chewing an apple can help with bad smell breath.

6. Make ice last longer in a cooler

Make ice last longer in a cooler
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When you travel to the beach and take your cooler as well as you, splosh salt on the ice so that it stays frozen for much longer.

7. Amplify your phone’s speakers

Amplify your phone’s speakers
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You are tired of listening to music from your cellphone whose voice is not loud. This one trick is a must for you to try. Put your phone into a drinking glass or a bowl to increase the volume of its speakers.

8. Clean the shower head

Clean the shower head
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To clean your shower head or bathroom spigot, crowd into a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band. Admit it to soak in the vinegar overnight, and eliminate the bag. It will be as good as new!

9. Time-marked water bottle

Time-marked water bottle

Here’s a excellent way to stay maintain your daily drinking water needs. Write a line on your water bottle with a marker pen or ballpoint, and then write down the time beside the marked level. The marking should serve as a visual reminder for you to drink water, and it tend to help you achieve your daily water intake requirement.

10. Smelly shoes

Smelly shoes

If your shoes smell bad and sting, try placing several dry bags into each of your shoes to absorb the unpleasant odor. If your shoes are not just smelly but also wet, fill them with a mixture of rice and baking soda and leave for a few times.

11. Planting roses from cuttings

Grow roses from cuttings

Here’s a excellent trick for planting flowers with cuttings method. Earlier sow, add the bottom end to be cut into small potatoes. The nutrients and moisture contained in potatoes can help the roots grow and develop healthy. To develop healthy roots. Learn more here.

12. Dry clothes in this way to dry faster

Dry your clothes faster

If you don’t have a dryer and need to dry your clothes as fast as possible, try this simple little trick to increase time drying your clothes. Setup your wet clothing on a dry towel. Roll the towel accompanied by the garment inside.

Choose it up, and twist it as tightly as possible to squeeze out the excess water. After you’ve drained the excess water, hang your garment on a hanger to fully dry.

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