12 DIY Home Office Ideas Stay Organized and Boost Your Productivity

Working at home is there is good and some not good. If you just like me that working at home, some time we need to change our office space in the house but still organized.

Some time when working at home with irregular room condition will make our focus disturbed with that. For that we need to clean up our office room and make it more more comfortable for work.

So today i’m gonna share with you my favorite DIY project ideas for home office. I hope this diy collection can help you to stay organized and boost your productivity.

1. DIY Floral Mouse Pad for Spring

Source : thecraftedlife.com

Mouse is one of the tools we often use when we are working on our work with a computer. Inspired by spring, making this mouse pad with floral motifs is very easy to do.

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2. DIY Paper Tray Inbox

DIY Paper Try Inbox
Source : iheartorganizing.com

Making a special place for incoming mail is one of the important things. What’s more for you who often deal with clients – clients who often send letters or documents. For that you need to make a special place for the letter or document.

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3. DIY Embellished Wood Pencil Block

DIY Embellished Wood Pencil Block
Source : designsponge.com

When working often we need to make sketch using a pencil. Or write something with a pen. For this reason, making pencil contacts so that they are neatly arranged can help keep the work space neat.

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4. Space Saving Clip-On Desk Organizer

Space Saving Clip-On Desk Organizer
Source : brit.co

DIY Clip-On Desk Organizers, which will help you free up some surface area on your desk without sacrificing any workspace sexiness. It may even make you more efficient and productive.

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5. Glitter Mason Jar Pen Holder

Glitter Mason Jar Pen Holder
Source : kastyles.co

Sometimes we need jars to put small items in our work space. So for the jar to look interesting we add glitter in some form like this.

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6. DIY Hanging Notepad

DIY Hanging NotepadSource : designsponge.com 

Making notes is one of the things that can help us to focus on the work target. Now for this, DIY can help you to make notes that will be more accessible with creative presentations.

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7. DIY Mason Jars as Cubbies

DIY Mason Jars as Cubbies
Source : thecubiclechick.com

This is a simple DIY to replicate and takes hardly no time at all. I know time is of the essence for a lot of us, so being able to make things that don’t require a lot of time is something most of you are looking for.

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8. DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY Dry Erase Board
Source : sugarandcloth.com

Bored with your goal record model now. This is another option to list your goal records today. This unique and creative form can you try to make a list of notes about the focus of your current work.

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9. Modern Desk Organizer From a Block of Wood

Modern Desk Organizer From a Block of Wood
Source : ehow.com

These small items if not neatly arranged will interfere with us if the items are scattered on our workbench. However, these small items cannot be far from our work desk. For this purpose, arranging these small items to look neat and still easy to access is very necessary.

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10. DIY Honeycomb Shelves

DIY Honeycomb Shelves
Source : abeautifulmess.com

Working at home gives us the freedom to be creative with our work space. For that, do not hesitate to try to decorate the workspace as creatively as possible. And you can try this DIY to implement it in your workspace.

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11. DIY Wanderlust Globe

DIY Wanderlust Globe
Source : stylemepretty.com

To add interesting decorations to this creative project you can try to put it on your desk.

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12. Easy to make Zen Garden

Easy to make Zen Garden
Source : youtube.com

You can also use the following DIY to organize your stationery. You can also put it on your desk so that it functions for decoration and also to make your tools neatly organized.

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