9 Essential Oil Hacks For Beginners

There are many ways to use essential oils. And from a number of ways that are very much done, one that is quite popular is the method of diffusers. That is mixing water with a few drops of essential misak.

Others also you can use this essential oil in a topical manner. If you want to apply this method, the main thing you need to do is dilute essential oils with carrier oil. This can be useful to protect your skin. Do 1-2 drops in the back or under your feet.

One of the last well-known ways to use essential oils is internally by sprinkling on food or drinks. You can’t drink Minya Essential just like that. You have to do mixing like using milk, tea or coffee.

This oil can be a good flavor to be mixed into your cooking which can be digested safely. Here you summarize 9 charts that can help you to utilize the content contained in essential oils and hopefully can provide benefits to your life.

1. Basic knowledge about the aroma of essential oils for beginners

The following visualization is very useful for those of you who are still beginners in the world of essential oils. You can find out where the oil comes from and also the benefits that can be obtained for your health. I myself as a beginner was quite surprised by how many different scents.


2. Diffuser Blends for Beginners Have To Try

All you need to pay attention to is your diffuser location. You might want to arrange in a better place in your home. By mixing a few drops of this oil, you can get the benefits of many different oils at the same time.

Diffuser Blends That All Beginners Need To Try
Image Source : mommymoment.ca

3. Types of Essential Oils

As we discussed above, carrier oil is used in conjunction with essential oils to melt the oil. If you want to get a different experience try to mix some of the carrier oils with essential oils.

Carrier Essential Oil Uses

4. Overcome emotions with Essential Oils

Do you experience emotions such as stress, anxiety or others? Then you can see the following chart to choose the essential oil mixture that is suitable for you at this time.

Cure Every Bad Feeling With Essential Oils

5. Do you have a headache? Essential oils can handle it

Headaches must have been experienced by everyone. Some people often feel this headache compared to others.
The following chart helps you to choose your essential oil to reduce the headaches that you feel.

Fix Those Nasty Headaches with Essential Oils

6. Treat body aches with the following essential oils

The benefits of other essential oils are useful for dealing with pain in your body. If you experience body aches and want to treat them with essential oils. Then try to do the following trick.

Best Essential Oils To Use For Body Pain

7. Let’s treat feelings of anxiety with essential oils

Here are 7 essential oils that you can use to treat your anxiety. Anxiousness cannot be treated like a headache where you only have to take aspirin and you can continue your day. However, the following aspirin oils have properties that might be suitable for you to experience anxiety.

Treating Anxiety With Essential Oils
from Dr. Axe

8. Universal graph of essential oils

If you have a real passion for essential oils, you might think about the opportunity to sell through a company that has a direct sales program. This way you can make money and help others improve their life at the same time.

The Ultimate Essential Oils Chart At A Glance

9. Beginner Essential Oil Blends

I love products that are flexible and user-friendly. What sets apart essential oil roll-ons is the ease and convenience of being able to experience the oils. No worrying about a dropper. Simply roll-on the oil to your skin.

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